Lifeguard - Instructor Recertification

Select this course if you seek to earn the following certification:


Course Description: This certification will renew your Lifeguard Instructor certification, which authorizes you to teach and certify students in all of the following courses:

  • Lifeguard (all courses);
  • CPR (all courses);
  • Basic First Aid;
  • Blood Bourne Pathogens;
  • Swim Coach Safety Training; and,
  • Workplace Safety Training.  

Renewal of Certifications from Other Agencies: Lifeguard-Pro will renew your Lifeguard Instructor certification (includes Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid, Swim Coach Safety Training, and Workplace Safety Training Instructor certifications) from any other nationally recognized certification agency, and issue you a new Lifeguard-Pro Instructor certification.

Course Includes: This certification course includes:

  • Lifeguard Instructor re-certification training;
  • CPR Instructor re-certification training;
  • Basic First Aid Instructor re-certification training;
  • Blood Bourne Pathogens Instructor re-certification training;
  • Swim Coach Safety Training Instructor re-certification training; and,
  • Workplace Safety Training Instructor re-certification training.

Course Prerequisites: Prior to enrolling in this course, the certification candidate must be able to satisfy the following requirements:

  • 18 Years of age or older;
  • Ability to swim 500 meters (550 yards) without stopping (there is no time limit);
  • Ability to tread water for five minutes; and,
  • Ability to dive to a depth of six meters (20 feet).

In addition, to enroll in this certification course, the certification candidate must already possess a valid Lifeguard Instructor (with CPR & First Aid Instructor) certification from Lifeguard-Pro or any other nationally recognized certification agency.

Course Objectives:  At the end of this course, the certification candidate should be able to:

  • Safely and effectively conduct certification training courses;
  • Correctly demonstrate all course skills for students;
  • Effectively communicate all required course knowledge to students;
  • Teach students all course required knowledge and skills in a time efficient manner; and,
  • Correctly and expeditiously process all student certifications.

Certification Requirements: The certification candidate must

  • Buy this home-study course from Lifeguard-Pro; and,
  • Successfully complete and submit this home-study course to Lifeguard-Pro.

Your Purchase Includes: All of the required home-study materials for the following courses:

  • Lifeguard Instructor Re-certification Course;
  • CPR/AED Instructor Re-certification Course;
  • First Aid Basics Re-certification Course;
  • Blood Bourne Pathogens Instructor Re-certification Course;
  • Swim Coach Safety Training Instructor Re-certification Course; and,
  • Workplace Safety Training Instructor Re-certification Course.

*You do NOT need to participate in instructor-led training to earn this certification. However, for quality assurance purposes, Lifeguard-Pro may require you do demonstrate your instructor skills to Lifeguard-Pro staff for evaluation.



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Quality Assurance Pledge: To best protect swimmers from unnecessary injuries and death, and to safeguard you and your employers from crippling negligence lawsuits, Lifeguard-Pro established the new higher standard in Lifeguard training by requiring all Lifeguard certifications to be renewed annually. Only by annual re-certification training can Lifeguard-Pro ensure that every Lifeguard keeps his/her lifesaving knowledge fresh and his/her rescue skills sharp. Be better prepared. Be better trained. Be a Lifeguard-Pro professional rescuer. Enroll now.

Release of Liability: No Lifeguard-Pro Lifeguard certification of any kind is a license to practice medicine outside of the scope of practice, provide occupational medical advice, or teach lifesaving, first aid, AED or CPR. The bearer of any Lifeguard-Pro certification (“Cardholder”) is solely liable for all of his/her actions and does not hold Lifeguard-Pro, any of its instructors, employees, or agents responsible for his/her acts, omissions, negligence, battery, or breach of duty. Furthermore, Lifeguard-Pro does not guarantee, warrant, or endorse the products or services of any firm, organization, person or Cardholder.  Lifeguard-Pro certification is a certificate of course completion that indicates the cardholder has satisfactorily met the specific requirements of the specific course on that date, but it is not a guarantee of competency, accuracy, or any particular result.  Information about certificates is provided by the cardholder, and Lifeguard-Pro is not responsible for any incorrect or outdated information about cardholders. Lifeguard-Pro does not assume any duty to the public for the services, acts or omissions of Cardholders, or for any information about Cardholders or any other person or entity participating in or receiving professional services from Cardholder. Lifeguard-Pro shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, claim, or otherwise, whether an action in contract or tort and shall further not be liable for any lost profits, or direct, indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages of any kind, including without limitation attorney’s fees and expenses. A Lifeguard-Pro certification is in no way a guarantee of employment or employability, nor is it a promise that it will satisfy the employment requirements or standards of every employer or satisfy the legal requirements for employment in every jurisdiction. Prior to purchase, buyer must confirm with prospective employer and appropriate government authority that Lifeguard-Pro certification is satisfactory for buyer to work as a Lifeguard at his/her desired place of employment.

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