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Certification in Your Hand in 2 Days

1-Day Online Home-Study & 1-Day Instructor-Led Training

All our certification courses follow this same convenient two-part training format. Yes, that includes the Lifeguard, Lifeguard Instructor, Water Safety Swim Instructor, Water Safety Swim Instructor Trainer, CPR & First Instructor, and  Certified Pool Operator (CPO) certification courses. CPR, First Aid, Oxygen Administrator, and recertification classes require even fewer training hours.

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About this course

Lifeguard Instructor Certification Course

This certification will qualify you to teach and certify students in all of the following courses

  • Lifeguard (all courses);
  • CPR (all courses);
  • Basic First Aid
  • Blood Bourne Pathogens;
  • Swim Coach Safety Training; and,
  • Workplace Safety Training.  

Course Includes: This certification course includes

  • Lifeguard Instructor training;
  • CPR Instructor training;
  • Basic First Aid Instructor training;
  • Blood Bourne Pathogens Instructor training;
  • Swim Coach Safety Training Instructor training; and,
  • Workplace Safety Training Instructor training.

Course Prerequisites: Prior to enrolling in this course, the certification candidate must be able to satisfy the following requirements

  • 18 Years of age or older
  • Ability to swim 500 meters (550 yards) without stopping (there is no time limit)
  • Ability to tread water for five minutes
  • Ability to dive to a depth of six meters (20 feet)

In addition, to enroll in this certification course, you must already possess a valid Lifeguard certification (with CPR & First Aid) from Lifeguard-Pro or any other nationally recognized certification agency.

Course Objectives:  At the end of this course, the certification candidate should be able to

  • Safely and effectively conduct certification training courses;
  • Correctly demonstrate all course skills for students;
  • Effectively communicate all required course knowledge to students;
  • Teach students all course required knowledge and skills in a time efficient manner; and,
  • Correctly and expeditiously process all student certifications.

Certification Requirements: The certification candidate must

  • Buy this home-study course from Lifeguard-Pro;
  • Successfully complete and submit this home-study course to Lifeguard-Pro; and,
  • Attend and successfully complete instructor-led training with a Lifeguard-Pro Instructor.*

*Instructor-led training is not included in this purchase.

Your Purchase Includes: All of the required home-study materials for the following courses

  • Lifeguard Instructor Course;
  • CPR/AED Instructor Course;
  • First Aid Basics Instructor Course; and,
  • Blood Bourne Pathogens Instructor Course.

Your Purchase Does Not Include: Instructor-led training. To earn certification, after successfully completing and submitting all of your required home-study course materials, a certification candidate must attend instructor-led training with an authorized Lifeguard-Pro instructor. The cost of instructor-led training is not included in this purchase. The fee for instructor-led training must be paid directly to the instructor teaching the course. The instructor-led training fee may vary from instructor to instructor.

Our course consists of two parts

Part 1

Home-Study Course

Complete your comprehensive, online Home-Study Course (textbooks, videos, and exams) in the comfort and convenience of your own home, while working at your own pace. Stop and start as often as you like. 


First Payment: $249.50

Part 2

Instructor-Led Training

After completing your Home-Study Course, participate in an instructor-led, physical skills training class near you. You can either use your own instructor or we’ll connect you with a local instructor. 


Second Payment: $249.50

The total cost of this course is $499.00 and is broken up into two equal installments. The first 50% of your course fee is paid directly to Lifeguard-Pro for the online Home Study Course. After you’ve made this $249.50 payment, you’ll receive your username and password to access your course work.

The second 50% of your course fee is paid directly to your Lifeguard-Pro Instructor when you meet with them for the 1-day Instructor Lead Training. After you’ve made this $249.50 payment, you’ll begin your day of physical skills training with your Instructor.

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How it works in detail

You can have your certification in your hand in as little as two days – one day online training, and one day instructor-led training.

All our certification courses follow this same convenient two-part training format. Yes, that includes the Lifeguard, Lifeguard Instructor, Water Safety Swim Instructor, Water Safety Swim Instructor Trainer, CPR & First Aid, CPR & First Instructor, and  Certified Pool Operator (CPO) certification courses.

CPR, First Aid, and recertification classes require  even fewer training hours.

Review the course definition to make certain that you are selecting the correct course for you. If after reading the course definitions, you are still not sure which is the best course for you, don’t worry. Just give us a call, and we’ll answer all your questions and help you select the course that is best for you.

To register for your Lifeguard-Pro certification course:

  • Select your course  from the top menu bar to read course descriptions
  • Select Register now from the top menu bar to register for your course
  • Fill out the Register now form and click submit
  • Follow the payment instructions to purchase your certification course.

Upon receipt of your online home-study course payment, we will promptly email to you an authorized username and password in an email entitled Start Your Course (check both your inbox and spam folder). Use your authorized username and password to login to

Select the blue rectangular blue button titled START >> [Name of Course]. The resulting webpage will display the step-by-step instructions on how to begin and complete your certification course.

With your authorized username and password, you can login to and start your online home-study course at anytime from anywhere. You may work in the comfort and convenience of your own home, and progress at your own pace. You may stop and start the home-study course as often as you like (except while you are taking a timed exam).

All home-study courses can be completed in less than 12.0 hours. However, you have up to 180 days to complete your home-study course. So, work at a pace that is comfortable for you.

To reduce the incidence of no-call no-show, cancellation, and rescheduling, you must complete all online home-study course requirements before requesting an instructor-led training class.

Once you have successfully completed all your online home-study course requirements, and you arrived at the step in your online home-study course titled Schedule & Attend Instructor-Led Training Class, you should contact your Instructor or

Your Instructor or will help you conveniently schedule your instructor-led training class. Simply, tell them your desired training dates, times, and location. Your Instructor or will approve the most convenient dates, times and location for your class.

If Lifeguard-Pro will be the instructor conducting your instructor-led training class, you must pay Lifeguard-Pro for that training class prior to attending your instructor-led training class. Lifeguard-Pro accepts credit cards, debit cards, ACH bank transfers (eChecks), domestic bank wire transfer, international back wire transfer, CashApp, Venmo, personal checks via postal mail, business check via postal mail, money orders via postal mail, and other methods upon request.

If a local instructor or your employer will be conducting your instructor-led training class, you must pay that instructor directly for that class prior to attending your instructor-led training class. The methods of payment that your instructor will accept can vary, so consult with your instructor about acceptable payment options before attending your training class.

At the instructor-led training class, you must successfully complete:

(1) All course required physical skills no less than 3 times under the direct supervision of your Instructor; and,

(2) Lifeguard, CPR and First Aid closed-book, instructor proctored, written final exam with a correct score of 90% or higher.

At the conclusion of your instructor-led training class, you and your instructor will fill-out and sign your Certification Request Form (CRF). If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must sign the form for you. This form verifies that you successfully completed all course requirements for certification.

Lifeguard-Pro certification courses are task-based courses and not hourly-based courses, so class duration may vary between candidates.

Upload your completed and signed CRF to your profile in the section titled ‘Upload certification forms’.  Then, click SAVE.

Lastly, from within your Profile, check the box titled ‘Issue my certification’ or notify your Instructor that you have completed all course requirements, and you are requesting your certification card.

Upon satisfying all the course requirements detailed above, you can immediately download a hi-resolution digital image of your certification card.

Congratulations, you’re now a certified life guard!

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