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We serve all 50 U.S. states and 46 countries around the world -- so wherever you are, we're nearby!

Lifeguard-Pro is an internationally & nationally recognized Lifeguard, and CPR & First Aid certification agency.

There are over 4,200 drowning deaths per year in the USA. In many other countries the number of drowning deaths is even higher!

The exact number of annual worldwide drownings is unknown, but it is estimated to be over 100,000 deaths per year. The vast majority of these drowning deaths can be attributed to three simple public safety failures:

(1) The victim did not know how to swim effectively;

(2) The victims did not know how to effectively protect themselves nor their loved ones in and around the water; and,

(3) The swimming area was unsupervised by certified Lifeguards who were capable of rendering lifesaving assistance.

Lifeguard-Pro is dedicated to reducing the number of deaths by drowning worldwide by addressing these three public safety failures.

Lifeguard-Pro teaches the public to swim, teaches the public how to effectively protect themselves and their loved-ones in and around the water, and trains Lifeguards to better prevent and respond to aquatics emergencies. We are dedicated to enhancing public safety by making aquatics public safety training more available than ever before.

Our certified Lifeguards and WATER SAFETY SWM INSTRUCTORs protect millions of swimmers around the globe — every day!

Join Us in Our Mission of Saving Lives!

Lifeguard-Pro Certifications are:

  • Accepted in all 50 U.S. States
  • Accepted in all U.S. Territories
  • Approved by the U.S. Navy for Worldwide Use
  • Accepted by the U.S. Military for Use at U.S. Military Bases around the World
  • Accepted by United Nations Multi-National Peace-Keeping Forces for Use at Military Bases around the World
  • Used by Governments of States, Counties, Cities, and Towns
  • Used by State Parks, County Facilities, City Parks & Recreation Departments, Water Parks, and Amusement Parks
  • Used by Police Departments, Fire Departments, and Professional Rescuers across the Country
  • Used by Public Schools, Private Schools, Colleges, and Universities around the World
  • Used by Members of Prominent Youth Camp Organizations such as YMCA, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, American Camp Association (ACA), Easterseals, American Diabetes Foundation, Christian Camps Association, Jewish Camps Association, State Youth Camp Associations, and many more!
  • Used by Prominent Swimming Organizations for Swim Schools, Learn to Swim Programs, Swim Leagues, Swim Teams, Swim Coaches
  • Used by Public and Private Beaches, Public and Private Swimming Pools, Aquatic Centers, and many more!

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Nationally & Internationally Recognized

Dedicated to Making Public Safety Training More Available. Every employer, Lifeguard candidate knows that the biggest problem with aquatics public safety training is that there simply is not enough available Lifeguard and Water Safety Swim Instructor training courses. Many cities have a scarcity of available certification courses. Many rural areas have none! This chronic lack of available Lifeguard and Water Safety Swim Instructor certification courses is a significant contributor to the incredibly high number of deaths by drowning every year. Nearly all drowning deaths are avoidable. By making Lifeguard and Water Safety Swim Instructor  certification courses more available, Lifeguard-Pro reduces this tragically high number of drowning deaths. Support Lifeguard-Pro in our mission to make Lifeguard and Water Safety Swim Instructor  certification courses more available. Together, we can save lives!

Making Public Safety Training More Available

Improving National Public Safety. Our mission is to reduce the number of deaths by drowning worldwide by making aquatics public safety training more available. Consequently, Lifeguard-Pro created Lifeguard and Water Safety Swim Instructor  certification courses that are far more convenient than the old, outdated style, certification courses of yester-year. Lifeguard-Pro has innovatively combined the convenience of an online Home-Study Course with the availability of Instructor-Led Training Classes across the country and around the world. By making public aquatics safety courses more available globally, Lifeguard-Pro certification courses have been a significant contributor in reducing the number of deaths by drowning worldwide. Our certified Lifeguards and Water Safety Swim Instructor’s protect the lives of millions of swimmers around the globe — every day! Undoubtedly, Lifeguard-Pro improves global public safety.

Domestically, Lifeguard-Pro offers services to U.S. Military bases, state governments, county governments, city governments, public beaches, private beaches, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, American Diabetes Foundation, Easterseals, American Camp Association, Christian Camps Association, Jewish Camps Association, YMCA, National Parks, State Parks, public schools, private schools, colleges, universities, national swim school franchise chains, national youth camp organizations, state youth camp organizations, surfing organizations, hotels, resorts, water parks, recreation centers, property management companies, and many, many more!

Internationally, Lifeguard-Pro offers services to 42 countries around the globe, plus the U.S. Military, United Nations Multi-National Peace-Keeping Forces, leading multi-national corporations, international resorts, international schools, social development programs, public safety programs, and many, many more!

But, Lifeguard-Pro doesn’t stop there. In addition to increasing the availability of vital public safety training, and protecting millions of lives around the globe, Lifeguard-Pro continuously strives to improve public safety.

Lifeguard-Youth Camp Certification

State and local governments have known for a long time that youth camp aquatics activities present unique and serious hazards to children. Yet, despite state and local regulations attempting to reduce those risks, the Lifeguard industry failed to provide a youth camp specific training course to help the states and local governments in achieving the goal of making youth camps safer for our children. Lifeguard-Pro responded with the nationwide public safety answer! To better protect the lives of children, Lifeguard-Pro created the nation’s first Lifeguard–Youth Camp certification course, which trains Lifeguards to better prevent and respond to emergencies in youth camp environments. The Lifeguard-Pro Lifeguard-Youth Camp certification protects the lives of children at youth camps across the entire country, and many countries around the world. We worked tirelessly with state and local governments to create a solution to better protect the lives of children at youth camps across the country. Lifeguard-Pro has undoubtedly improved national public safety!

Lifeguard-Deep Pool Certification

Previously the Lifeguard industry provided insufficient training to guard the public safety in and around deep water swimming pools and diving catch wells. Lifeguard-Pro acted in creating the nation’s first Lifeguard-Deep Pool (max depth 20 ft.) certification course to better prevent and respond to emergencies in and around deep water pools and diving catch wells. Operators of deep water pools and diving catch wells (e.g., high schools, colleges, universities, competition pools, etc.) can now better prevent and respond to drownings at their aquatics facilities. Lifeguard-Pro continues to identify and solve national public safety hazards!
Improving National Public Safety

Fully OSHA Compliant. Our American Heart Association CPR & First Aid courses satisfy both national OSHA requirements and international safety training standards.

Join Us in Our Global Mission. Ask us how you can help Lifeguard-Pro in reducing the number of deaths by drowning worldwide — every life matters!

Join Us in Our Mission of Saving Lives!

How We Are Improving the Standard of Lifeguard Training

Lifeguard-Pro leads the Lifeguard industry with the first online international certification verification database. Governments, health departments, employers, insurance companies, and cardholders love that they can, from anywhere in the world, immediately and conveniently verify the status and authenticity of any Lifeguard-Pro certification card. Simply click VERIFY CERTIFICATION, enter in the unique number on the certification card, and instantly verify the certification card and expiration date. Our online international certification database reduces the employers’ administrative burden of verifying Lifeguard certifications, and significantly reduces the employers’ liability from lapsed and fraudulent certification cards. 

Protects Employers & Public from Fraud

Lifeguard-Pro is the first internationally recognized Lifeguard certification agency to offer a comprehensive, online Home-Study Course for Lifeguard certification.  Candidates complete your university-style Home-Study Course online. Then, attend an ultra-convenient Instructor-Led Training Class to learn and demonstrate the required physical Lifeguard skills. Our Home-Study Course is based on the successful blended course model, which allows students to complete all academic requirements for certification online prior to attending the course required Instructor-Led Training Class. Our new, ultra-convenient Lifeguard training model is the way of the future.

Making Aquatics Safety Training More Convenient

Our professional Lifeguard training program incorporates all the top U.S. Lifeguard standards and procedures. But, Lifeguard-Pro goes well beyond the minimum U.S. national standards. We also teach the most effective and leading-edge Lifeguard skills and practices to ensure that our Lifeguards are always better prepared to prevent and respond to emergencies. All our CPR, First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogens certification courses fully comply with international AHA standards & procedures.

Elevating the Lifeguard Training Standard

Employers and students alike benefit from advanced Lifeguard specialty training. Lifeguard-Pro offers more Lifeguard training specialty courses (e.g., Shallow Pool (max depth 5 ft.), Swimming Pool (max depth 12 ft.), Deep Pool (max depth 20 ft.), Waterfront, Youth Camp, and Water Park) than any other nationally recognized Lifeguard training company. Lifeguard-Pro’s leading-edge specialty training courses ensure our Lifeguards are better trained and more capable of preventing & responding to emergencies.

Specialized Training is Better Risk Management

Lifeguard Pro: Simply the better choice

More Modern, More Comprehensive, and More Convenient. 

Lifeguard-Pro certification courses have improved upon the old, outdated style Lifeguard certification courses of yester-year.

How We Are Improving the Standard of Lifeguard Training

The Lifeguard-Pro Lifeguard certification program:

  1. Is based on decades of REAL LIFE professional rescue experience, and updated frequently to better promote national public safety;
  2. Incorporates the industry’s first online university-style Home-Study Course to make vital aquatics public safety training more available — More public safety training saves lives;
  3. Includes more advanced specialty Lifeguard certification courses to enhance national public safety (e.g., Lifeguard-Deep Pool, Lifeguard-Waterfront, Lifeguard-Youth Camp, and Lifeguard-Water Park) — Advanced specialty training makes better Lifeguards;
  4. Includes the first ever advanced specialty Lifeguard-Youth Camp certification course to better protect our children — Lifeguard-Pro protects the lives of countless children across the country and around the world;
  5. Demands Lifeguard certification courses are taught only by professional rescuers to ensure the highest quality learning experience — Life saving safety training should be taught by professionals;
  6. Refuses to allow laypersons or volunteers to teach Lifeguard courses to make ourselves more money at the expense of national public safety — The public deserves effective life saving training delivered by professionals;
  7. Is all taught in full compliance with the international teaching standards for professional rescue courses;
  8. Provides undeniably more comprehensive and extensive academic training for a superior learning experience — More thoroughly trained Lifeguards means better public safety;
  9. Created the Lifeguard industry’s first online international public database to verify every Lifeguard-Pro Lifeguard certification, which reduces the risk of cardholder fraud and forgery — Fraudulent and forged Lifeguard certifications threaten the national public safety; and,
  10. Unlike the old, outdated style Lifeguard certification courses of yester-year that require Lifeguard certification renewal every two or three years, Lifeguard-Pro requires every Lifeguard certification to be fully re-tested and renewed annually — More frequent life saving training enhances the national public safety.

Lifeguard-Pro believes our national public safety deserves high-quality life saving training conducted by professionals, which is conveniently available to all that require such safety training — The public agrees! 

That is why governments, employers, insurance companies, and Lifeguards are moving away from the old, outdated Lifeguard certification courses, and choosing the more modern, more comprehensive, and ultra-convenient Lifeguard-Pro training program !

National Compliance Statement for Lifeguard Training 

Lifeguard-Pro is nationally & internationally recognized and offers perhaps the world’s most accepted Lifeguard certifications. Lifeguard-Pro is widely regarded as the New World Leader in Water Safety & Rescue Certification Courses.  The Lifeguard-Pro Lifeguard certification course has been deemed by state governments across the nation as “Equivalent to the American Red Cross Lifeguard course” because the two courses include similar knowledge and physical skills with no conflicts in curriculums.

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