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Dedicated to Making Public Safety Training More Available.  Every employer, Lifeguard and Water Safety Swim Instructor (LP-WSI) candidate knows the biggest problem with aquatics public safety training is that there simply are not enough available Lifeguard and Water Safety Swim Instructor training courses. Many cities have a scarcity of available certification courses. Many rural areas have none! This chronic lack of available Lifeguard and Water Safety Swim Instructor certification courses is a significant contributor to the incredibly high number of deaths by drowning every year. Nearly all drowning deaths are avoidable. By making Lifeguard and Water Safety Swim Instructor certification courses more available, Lifeguard-Pro reduces this tragically high number of drowning deaths. Support Lifeguard-Pro in our mission to make Lifeguard and Water Safety Swim Instructor certification courses more available. Together, we can save lives!

Making Public Safety Training More Available


Nationally & Internationally Recognized. Not only our Lifeguard and Water Safety Swim Instructor certification courses more available than ever before, they are also nationally and internationally recognized!

Lifeguard-Pro Certifications are:

  • Accepted in all 50 U.S. States
  • Accepted in all U.S. Territories
  • Approved by the U.S. Navy for Worldwide Use
  • Accepted by the U.S. Military for Use at U.S. Military Bases around the World
  • Accepted by United Nations Multi-National Peace-Keeping Forces for Use at Military Bases around the World
  • Used by Governments of States, Counties, Cities, and Towns
  • Used by State Parks, County Facilities, City Parks & Recreation Departments, Water Parks, and Amusement Parks
  • Used by Police Departments, Fire Departments, and Professional Rescuers across the Country
  • Used by Public Schools, Private Schools, Colleges, and Universities around the World
  • Used by Members of Prominent Youth Camp Organizations such as YMCA, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, American Camp Association (ACA), Easterseals, American Diabetes Foundation, Christian Camps Association, Jewish Camps Association, State Youth Camp Associations, and many more!
  • Used by Prominent Swimming Organizations for Swim Schools, Learn to Swim Programs, Swim Leagues, Swim Teams, Swim Coaches
  • Used by Public and Private Beaches, Public and Private Swimming Pools, Aquatic Centers, and many more!

Nationally & Internationally Recognized



Online Home-Study - plus - Instructor-Led Training Class

Step-by-Step Guide


To register for your Lifeguard-Pro certification course:


After clicking SUBMIT, make sure you see a "Thank You" notice confirming that your registration was successful. If you don't see a "Thank You" notice, review and correct the errors on your submission form. Then, click SUBMIT when all your errors are corrected.

Immediately after receiving your successful registration, Lifeguard-Pro automatically will email course payment instructions to the email address you provided on the Registration Form.

To purchase your certification course, simply follow those payment instructions.

If you do not see the payment instructions in your email Inbox, check your Spam/Bulk Mail Folder.

Alternatively, just give us a call. We’ll register you over the phone.

It’s that easy!


After registering for your course online or over the phone, you will automatically receive payment instructions at your registered email address (check both your inbox and spam folder). Simply follow the payment instructions in that email to purchase your online Home-Study Course.

To pay for your course, just follow the payment instructions that were provided to you via email or phone.

The cost of your Home-Study course is 50% of your total course tuition. (You’ll pay the other 50% when you arrive at your Instructor-Led Training Session.)

Purchase Your Home-Study Course Now!

Your Online Home-Study Course Purchase Includes:

The course required textbooks, videos, exams, Certification Request Form, official record-keeping, customer service, and course certification card. All course required materials are delivered to you by logging into the website.

Your online Home-Study Course is entirely a performance-based exercise. You must complete all online Home-Study Course requirements to earn your certification. The duration of your Instructor-Led Training Session may vary depending on your familiarity with the subject, personal capabilities, dedication to completing the course requirements, and a variety of other factors.

During your online Home-Study Course, you can progress at your own pace, and stop and start as often as you like.

Lifeguard-Pro makes earning your certification Super-Easy & Ultra-Convenient!

Your Online Homes-Study Course Purchase Does NOT Include:

Your required Instructor-Led Training Session.

You must purchase and attend your required Instructor-Led Training Session after you have completed your online Home-Study Course.

The cost of your Instructor-Led Training Session is 50% of your total course tuition.


Upon receipt of your online Home-Study course payment, we will promptly email to you an authorized username and password in an email entitled START YOUR COURSE (check both your inbox and spam folder). Use your authorized username and password to login to Select the blue rectangular blue button titled START >> [Name of Course]. The resulting webpage will display the step-by-step instructions on how to begin and complete your certification course.

This START YOUR COURSE email will contain:

  • Your authorized Username & Password, so you can login to, and immediately begin your online Home-Study Course;
  • A Receipt for your payment; and,
  • Contact information for your local, Instructor, so you can immediately schedule your Instructor-Led Training Session.

With your authorized username and password, you can login to and start the online Home-Study Course at anytime from anywhere. You may work in the comfort and convenience of your own home, and progress at your own pace. You may stop and start the Home-Study Course as often as you like (except while you are taking a timed exam).

HOW TO START YOUR HOME-STUDY COURSE. Starting your online Home-Study Course is easy. Just login to with the Username & Password that we assign to you. Then, follow the course instructions on the resulting webpage.  The course instructions are detailed, and provide you with all of the direction that you will need to successfully complete your certification course.

ALL COURSE MATERIALS AVAILABLE WHEN YOU LOGIN. Once you login to with your Lifeguard-Pro assigned Username & Password, you will be able to immediately access all your course required materials (e.g., manuals, videos, exams, and forms). The is no waiting. You can immediately start your online Home-Study Course. 


To reduce the incidence of no-call no-shows, cancellations and rescheduling, you must complete all online Home-Study course requirements before requesting an Instructor-Led Training Class.

Once you have successfully completed all your online Home-Study Course requirements, and you arrived at the step in your online Home-Study Course titled SCHEDULE & ATTEND YOUR INSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING CLASS, you should contact your Instructor or 

Your Instructor or will help you conveniently schedule your Instructor-Led Training Class. Simply tell them your desired training dates, times and location. Your Instructor or will approve your most convenient dates, times and location for your class.


Use your instructor's contact information from your START YOUR COURSE email, which was sent to you immediately after you purchased your online Home-Study Course.

Schedule your convenient Instructor-Led Training Session with your local Instructor.

If you experience any difficulties scheduling your Instructor-Led Training Session with your local independent instructor, don't worry. Just contact the Lifeguard-Pro National Office. We're here to ensure your satisfaction.

To ensure that you receive a convenient, local Instructor-Led Training Session, Lifeguard-Pro does not require you to pay for your Instructor-Led Training Session in advance. In fact, you won't pay your Instructor-Led Training Fee until you actually arrive at your class. You'll just pay your Instructor at the start of your Instructor-Led Training Session! 


Pay your local instructor directly for your Instructor-Led Training Class. Acceptable payment methods often include cash, personal check, business check, money order, certified check, bank wire transfer, and electronic payment methods such as check or money order by email, Zelle, Venmo, Remitly, Revolut, Wise, Western Union, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet.  Ask your Instructor or Lifeguard-Pro for detailed payment instructions.

  • Study all your online videos because you will be required to competently perform these skills at Instructor-Led Training;
  • Print your Certification Request Form (CRF) from your Lifeguard-Pro course instructions webpage because you will be required to present this CRF form to your instructor at Instructor-Led Training; and,
  • Make arrangements to pay your Instructor-Led Training Fee to your authorized Lifeguard-Pro Instructor at the start of your Instructor-Led Training Session.

At Instructor-Led Training Class, you must successfully complete:

(1) All course required physical skills no less than 3 times under the direct supervision of your Instructor; and,

(2) Lifeguard, CPR and First Aid closed-book, instructor proctored, written Final Exam with a correct score of 90% or higher.

You should bring the following items to class:

  • Payment for your Instructor;
  • Certification Request Form (CRF) printed (on paper) from your Lifeguard-Pro course instructions webpage;
  • Bathing suit, towel, and weather appropriate clothing; and,
  • Lunch, snacks, and plenty to drink for the entire training.

Your Instructor-Led Training Session is entirely a performance-based exercise. You must complete all Instructor-Led Training Session requirements to earn certification. The duration of your Instructor-Led Training Session may vary depending on your familiarity with the subject, personal capabilities, dedication to completing the course requirements, class size, and a variety of other factors.


At the conclusion of your Instructor-Led Training Class, you and your Instructor will fill-out and sign your Certification Request Form (CRF). If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must sign the form for you. This form verifies that you successfully completed all course requirements for certification.

If you fail a skill, your instructor will work with you personally at the end of class to help you meet the skill requirement.

If after receiving additional instruction, you are still not able to meet the skill requirement, you can:

  • Accept any lesser certification for which you satisfied the course requirements. For instance, if you failed the requirements for Lifeguard-Waterfront, you might have satisfied the requirements for Lifeguard-Swimming Pool (max depth 12 ft.) or Lifeguard-Shallow Pool (max depth 5 ft.). Therefore, you would be entitled to the Lifeguard-Swimming Pool (max depth 12 ft.) or Lifeguard-Shallow Pool (max depth 5 ft.) certification.
  • Attend any future Lifeguard-Pro Instructor-Led Training Session (within 6 months) that your Instructor has scheduled with other paying students. For this second Instructor-Led Training Session, there will be no charge to you, and you may re-try the course required skill(s) which you failed to successfully perform during your initial Instructor-Led Training Session. If during your second Instructor-Led Training Session, you successfully perform the course required skill(s) 3 times under the direct supervision of your instructor, you will be granted certification. To be clear, you have purchased only one Instructor-Led Training Session. If you fail your initial Instructor-Led Training Session, you are not entitled to a second Instructor-Led Training Session for free, unless: (A) Your second Instructor-Led Training Session is an Instructor-Led Training Session that your Instructor scheduled with other paying candidates; and, (B) The Instructor-Led Training Session includes candidates that are participating in their initial Instructor-Led Training Session. Otherwise, you must pay the Instructor a second Instructor-Led Training fee to conduct a second Instructor-Led Training Session for you.

You must print to paper and bring to your Instructor-Led Training Session a blank Certification Request Form. You can download and print this form from your course instructions page, while you are logged into You and your Instructor will fill out and sign your Certification Request Form (CRF) at the end of your Instructor-Led Training Session. (If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must sign the form for you before you upload it to

To reschedule or cancel your Instructor-Led Training Session FREE of charge, simply notify your local instructor via email at least 72-hours prior to your scheduled start time. It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to confirm that the local instructor received the emailed cancellation notice. Failure to both attend a previously scheduled Instructor-Led Training Session and failure to provide the required 72-hour cancellation notice to the local Instructor will result in penalty equal to the inital Instructor-Led Training fee that was due to the Instructor. The candidate must pay this entire penalty fee to the local Instructor before the candidate can schedule or attend a make-up Instructor-Led Training Session. This penalty fee is designed to encourage the candidates to demonstrate courtesy, and reimburse the local Instructor for the inconvenience and associated costs (i.e., time, travel, gas, pool rental, equipment rental, opportunity cost, etc.) that the candidate imposed on the Instructor by the candidate's untimely cancellation.


Upload your completed and signed CRF to your Profile in the section titled UPLOAD CERTIFICATION FORMS.  Then, click SAVE at the top of your Profile webpage.

Lastly, from within your Profile, check the box titled ISSUE MY CERTIFICATION or notify your Instructor that you have completed all course requirements and you desire your certification card.

To request your certification card, you must:

  • Provide all the requested information in your Lifeguard-Pro PROFILE (including your full postal mailing address);
  • Verify that the spelling of your name and course selection is accurate in your PROFILE;
  • Upload images of your completed and signed Certification Request Form to your PROFILE; and,
  • From within your PROFILE, check the box ISSUE MY CERTIFICATION; and, then click SAVE.

No certification card can be issued without the student satisfying all the above requirements.


Upon satisfying all the course requirements detailed in the steps above, we will promptly email to you a hi-resolution digital image of your certification card -- usually within 3 days. However, if you are in a hurry, just give us a call and we'll try to expedite the process for you.

Once you have completed all the requirements in step 9 above, if you need immediate proof of your certification, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for instructions on "How Do I Obtain Immediate Proof of Certification?" We can often provide you with your certification card number over the phone. You can go to, select the tab VERIFY CERTIFICATION, enter your name and certification number to immediately print proof of your certification!

For students with postal mailing addresses outside of the USA, you have three options on how to receive your certification card:

(A)  Request postal mailing and pay a $25 U.S.D. international mailing fee prior to us postal mailing your certification card;

(B)  Provide us with a USA postal mailing address, and we’ll postal mail your certification card to that USA postal mailing address for FREE; or,

(C)  Receive a hi-resolution, color, digital image of your certification card delivered to you via email.

Select the option that is best for you!


FREQUENLTY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ). We strive to provide you with immediate and detailed responses to all your questions. As such, you'll find that we already thoughtfully answered nearly every question asked by new customers. View our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage for immediate answers.


CONTACT US. Still have questions? Don't worry.

Give our friendly customer service team a call.

We'll answer all your questions over the phone and even register you for your certification course.

We’re available to assist you from 9am-9pm ET, 7-days a week.

Located Outside the USA?  International clients and candidates can call, chat or text us for FREE from anywhere in the world. Contact us on Skype where our username is LIFEGUARD-PRO.ORG .



Lifeguard-Pro certification courses are task-based courses and not hourly-based courses, so course completion times may vary between candidates.