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Lifeguard-Pro is nationally and internationally recognized. We offer Lifeguarding, WATER SAFETY SWM INSTRUCTOR, Basic Water Safety, CPR, and First Aid certification courses. We conveniently service all 50 U.S. states & 46 countries around the world — so, wherever you are, we’re nearby!

Approved by the U.S. Navy for Worldwide Use. Lifeguard-Pro certifications are approved by the U.S. Navy for use around the world. If the U.S. Navy trusts us to train and safeguard their soldiers, shouldn’t you?

Accepted by the U.S. Military Bases around the World. Lifeguard-Pro certifications have been used to protect lives at U.S. Military Bases around the world. If the U.S. Military trusts us to train and safeguard their soldiers, shouldn’t you?

Accepted by the United Nations Multi-National Peace-Keeping Military Bases around the World. Lifeguard-Pro certifications have been used to protect the lives of international soldiers around the world. If the United Nations trusts us to train and safeguard their soldiers, shouldn’t you?

Accepted by U.S. States & U.S. Territories Across America. Lifeguard-Pro certifications are nationally recognized and accepted by U.S. states and U.S. territories across America. Lifeguard-Pro is the new world-leader in water safety & rescue!

Accepted by Leading Youth Camp Organizations. We are a faorivte choice among America’s youth camps because of our industry-leading and nationally & internationally recognized Lifeguard-Youth Camp supplemental certification course. We service youth camps from many of the  largest and well-known national youth camp organizations, such as YMCA, Girl Scouts of America, Boy Scouts of America, Easterseals, American Diabetes Foundation, Christian Camps Association, Jewish Camps Association, numerous state and regional youth camp organizations, and many private youth camp organizations. Lifeguard-Pro is undoubtedly a favorite among America’s youth camps!

Serving Members of American Camp Association (ACA). We have been an Official Business Affiliate of the American Camp Association (ACA); and, we have serviced ACA members across the U.S.A. Lifeguard-Pro is a name you can trust!  We have attended numerous ACA Conferences across the country teaching ACA members how to upgrade their staff safety training to better protect against legal and financial disaster stemming from a drowning or injury occurring at their aquatic facility. Let our experience be your benefit!

Used by Police Departments & Fire Departments. Police Departments and Fire Departments across America have chosen Lifeguard-Pro to train their rescuers and help them save lives. If Police Departments & Fire Departments trust Lifeguard-Pro, shouldn’t you?

Used by National & Local Swim Schools. Lifeguard-Pro has faithfully serviced many of the largest swim school franchise programs in the nation; as well as many of the other top swim schools. These seasoned aquatics professionals see Lifeguard-Pro as a better and more convenient option for professionally training their Lifeguards, WATER SAFETY SWM INSTRUCTORs, CPR, and First Aid candidates. They’ve upgraded to Lifeguard-Pro. Isn’t it time you upgraded too?

Used by Prominent Employers. Lifeguard-Pro certifies Lifeguards, WATER SAFETY SWM INSTRUCTORs, CPR, and First Aid candidates for some of the nation’s most prominent employers in the aquatics industry, such as, the States, Counties, Cities, Towns, Public Schools, Private Schools, Military, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Parks & Recreation Departments, Colleges, Universities, Swim Schools, Swim Teams, Swim Coaches, Youth Camps, Motels, Hotels, Resorts, Water Parks, Beaches, Aquatic Centers, Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, Yacht Clubs, Public & Private Swimming Pools, Pool Management Companies, Public Safety Trainers, Home-Owners Associations, Condo Associations, Apartment Complexes, and more.  Why do these prominent employers prefer Lifeguard-Pro? Isn’t it time you found out?

   Discover the Benefits & Convenience of Lifeguard-Pro

Outstanding Group Training Benefits

Several of our most popular group training benefits include:

Comprehensive, Preparatory Online Home-Study Course;

Convenient Instructor-Led Training Class at Your Facility on the Dates You Reserve;

Certifications Delivered at End of Instructor-Led Training;

Better Customer Service (9am-9pm EST, 7-days a week, and FREE phone and live chat service for international students); and,

Lowest Price Guarantee.

Let’s us show you why so many of your peers across the country and around the world choose Lifeguard-Pro.

Convenient Training Format

Select your course for full description. Questions? Just call us for assistance.

  • Shallow Pool Lifeguard
  • Swimming Pool Lifeguard
  • Deep Pool Lifeguard
  • Waterfront Lifeguard
  • Youth Camp Lifeguard
  • Water Park Lifeguard
  • All Specialties Lifeguard
  • Lifeguard Recertification / Renewal
  • Lifeguard Instructor
  • Lifeguard Instructor Recertification / Renewal
  • Lifeguard Instructor Trainer
  • Lifeguard Instructor Trainer Recertification / Renewal
  • Certified Pool Operator (CPO)
  • Basic Water Safety
  • Water Safety Swim Instructor
  • Water Safety Swim Instructor Recertification / Renewal
  • Water Safety Swim Instructor Trainer
  • Water Safety Swim Instructor Trainer Recertification / Renewal
  • Water Safety Swim Instructor Trainer Director
  • Water Safety Swim Instructor Director Recertification / Renewal
  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • CPR Instructor
  • CPR Instructor Recertification / Renewal
  • First Aid Instructor
  • First Aid Instructor Recertification / Renewal
  • CPR & First Aid Instructor
  • CPR & First Aid Instructor Recertification / Renewal
  • Oxygen Administrator
  • Oxygen Administrator Instructor

Privacy Policy

How We Collect and Use Information

We collect the following types of information about you:

Information you provide us directly:

We ask for certain information such as your username, real name, birth date, address, phone number and e-mail address when you register for a Lifeguard-Pro account, or if you correspond with us. We may also retain any messages you send through the service, and may collect information you provide in user content you post to the service. 

Information we may receive from third parties:

We may receive information about you from third parties. For example, if you access our websites or service through a third-party connection or log-in, for example, through Facebook Connect, by “following,” “liking,” adding the Lifeguard-Pro application, linking your account to the Lifeguard-Pro service, etc., that third party may pass certain information about your use of its service to Lifeguard-Pro. 

Inviting a friend to use Lifeguard-Pro:

Lifeguard-Pro may, in its sole discretion, develop a feature that allows you to invite third parties to the service. If you choose to use our invitation service to invite a third party to the service through our “Invite friends” feature, you may directly choose a friend to invite through your mobile device’s native contact list – but we do not require that you import your contacts list to the service, and we do not retain the information contained in your contacts list. 

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