Verify Lifeguard Certifications & Water Safety Instructor Courses

Verify Your Certification

Certification Verification Database. You can trust Lifeguard-Pro certifications because our online database enables you to instantly verify the authenticity and status of any of our certifications. 

Better Public Safety. Employers must verify their employees' Lifeguard-Pro certifications prior to employment to ensure the public will be protected only by properly certified individuals.

Verify Your Certification

STEP 1: Enter optional employer information and then click "Submit".

STEP 2: On the new page, enter the Lifeguard-Pro cardholder's name and certification number exactly as printed on the back of the certification card, and click "Submit". Instantly, the cardholder’s certification(s) with the corresponding issue and expiration dates will be displayed for you to view and/or print.

Verifying the Certification Reduces Fraud


STEP 1 of 2:  Enter Employer Information (optional)
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