QIR | Make Your Group Reservation (Lifeguarding Courses, WSI Training, CPR Classes)


EMPLOYERS:  Train Your Staff at Your Facility on The Dates You Reserve!

  • Lifeguard-Shallow Pool (max depth 5 ft.)
  • Lifeguard-Swimming Pool (max depth 12 ft.)
  • Lifeguard-Deep Pool (max depth 20 ft.)
  • Lifeguard-Waterfront
  • Lifeguard-Youth Camp
  • Lifeguard-Water Park
  • Lifeguarding Add-On (upgrade Swimming Pool to Waterfront)
  • Lifeguard-Recertification/Renewal
  • Lifeguarding Instructor
  • Lifeguard Instructor-Recertification/Renewal
  • Basic Water Safety (BWS)
  • Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
  • Water Safety Instructor (WSI)-Recertification/Renewal
  • Water Safety Instructor Trainer (WSIT)
  • Water Safety Instructor Trainer (WSIT)-Recertification/Renewal
  • CPR
  • CPR Instructor
  • First Aid
  • First Aid Instructor
  • CPR & First Aid Instructor

It's as Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. REVIEW DETAILS of GROUP COURSES PROGRAM. To Learn All The Details, Benefits and Prices of our National Group Courses Program for Employers Visit Our GROUP COURSES Webpage.
  2. SUBMIT QIR FORM. Make Your Group Reservation by Downloading, Filling Out, and Emailing to Us Your Quality Assurance, Invoice, Registration (QIR) Form.
  3. MAKE PAYMENT. Review Your Confirmed Reservation and Make Your Payment to Activate Your Staff Certification Courses.

Make Your Group Reservation Now!


EMPLOYERS: Train Your Staff at Your Facility on The Dates You Reserve. We service all 50 U.S. states & 46 countries.  So, wherever you are... We're nearby!

Lifeguard-Pro enables you, the employer or group organizer, to affordably host your group Lifeguarding, Water Safety Instructor (WSI), CPR and/or First Aid training class at your facility on the dates you reserve. 

Easy Two-Part Training Format. Lifeguard-Pro makes certifying your staff or group super-convenient!

Your candidates will complete their certification courses in two easy parts.

PART 1: Complete our comprehensive, online Home-Study Course in the comfort and convenience of your own home, while working at your own pace.

PART 2: Local Lifeguard-Pro certified instructors will conduct your course required Instructor-Led Training Class at your facility on the dates you reserve. It is that simple!

Lowest Price Guarantee! 

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EMPLOYERS: Make Your Employee an Instructor - Slash Your Prices by More Than 50%!
Register a responsible employee to become a Lifeguard-Pro Instructor.

  • Take control over your staff safety training.
  • Be free from relying on outside vendors to conduct your staff training.
  • Deliver the guaranteed high quality training that your organization deserve.
  • Host your staff training when and where you want.
  • Best of all, your employee Instructor can purchase your staff training courses at a huge discount - Save More Than 50%!

All your staff certification candidates will still complete their required online Home-Study Courses as usual. However, now your employee Instructor will be authorized to verify your staff's performance of course required physical skills and issue their certifications.

Become a Lifeguarding Instructor. Getting certified as a Lifeguarding Instructor is much easier than you think. The Lifeguard Instructor course is not a rescuer's course. It is an administrator's course. As such, it is not physically demanding. To be a good Lifeguarding Instructor, you do not need to be a good athlete. Rather, you simply need to be a responsible administrator who can effectively communicate the course requirements to the candidates, accurately evaluate the candidates' physical skills, and complete the requisite paperwork for certification.

Whether you are seeking your initial Lifeguard Instructor certification or you are an experienced Lifeguarding Instructor seeking to cross-over to Lifeguard-Pro, we can conveniently and affordably get you certified. New classes starting daily!

Easy 2-Part Training Format. Get certified as a Lifeguarding Instructor in two easy parts.

PART 1: Complete our comprehensive, online Home-Study Course from the comfort and convenience of your own home, while working at your own pace.

PART 2: Participate in a convenient Instructor-Led Training Class with a local Lifeguard-Pro certified Lifeguard Instructor Trainer.  The Lifeguard Instructor Trainer will serve as your personal mentor and be dedicated to helping you achieve your Lifeguarding Instructor certification. You will not have to wait for a group of Lifeguarding Instructor candidates to assemble in your area. Your Lifeguard Instructor Trainer will train and certify you, even if you are the only Lifeguarding Instructor candidate in your area.

Let's Get You Certified as a Lifeguarding Instructor!

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QIR Form Overview. To process your Group Reservation we use a simple Microsoft Excel from which we call our Quality Assurance, Invoice & Registration (QIR) form.

We use this QIR form to:

  1. Reserve your training engagement;
  2. Register your candidates;
  3. Pay for your candidates; and,
  4. Instruct your candidates on how to start their courses.

To help you understand our quick and easy registration process, here's an overview of our QIR form.

    states several of the notable benefits of our service.
    This is section of the form is purely informational and does not require any response from you.
    lists your amount due and payment instructions.
    This section of the form will be filled out by Lifeguard-Pro and reviewed by you.
    lists all of your contact information, your Instructor-Led Training engagement information, and your students’ contact information.
    *** You must fill out this section by responding to all questions written in RED text. ***
    Don't worry. It will only take you 1-3 minutes to complete the QIR form. In fact, there's only about 15 questions, and you'll likely know all the answers off the top of your head. The QIR questions asked are name of your business, contact person name, contact person title, contact person phone, contact person email, business mailing address, your physical training location address, name of your instructor - if known, how many candidates in each desired course, and four bits of information for each of your candidates (name of candidate, candidate phone, candidate email, and candidate course). That's it!
    provides your students with instructions on how to begin their online Home-Study Courses.
    This section of the form is purely informational does not require any response from you.

Download QIR Form. Download your Lifeguard-Pro Quality Assurance, Invoice & Registration (QIR) Form in Microsoft Excel format.

Make Your Group Reservation Now!

Download QIR Form


Fill Out & Email QIR Form to Lifeguard-Pro. Once you have downloaded the QIR Form, please fill out all areas of PART THREE, which are written in RED text. Then, email your completed QIR form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will promptly process your request.

Upon receiving your QIR form (with PART THREE filled out), we will:

  1. Review your QIR form;
  2. Calculate your payment due in PART TWO;
  3. Assign an instructor to your training engagement in PART THREE;
  4. Provide you will all your candidates’ usernames & passwords in PART THREE (the usernames & passwords will enable your students to login to Lifeguard-Pro.org, and begin their online Home-Study Courses); then,
  5. We will email your approved QIR form back to you for your final review and payment.


Upon receiving your approved QIR form from Lifeguard-Pro, review the details of the form for accuracy. If you are in agreement with all information on the form, simply pay the amount due listed in PART TWO of your approved QIR form. Use the payment instructions provided in PART TWO of the QIR form.

Once you have made your payment to Lifeguard-Pro, please notify us. We will activate all your candidates’ usernames & passwords that appear in PART THREE of your QIR form, so that your candidates can immediately being their online Home-Study Courses.

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