Q34: Individual - How Do I Download My Certification Card?

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How Do I  Download My Certification Card?

Login to Lifeguard-Pro.org - Go to PROFILE
Download Your Card




Your certification card has been issued and is available for you to download from your Lifeguard-Pro.org Profile.

  1. Go to www.Lifeguard-Pro.org
  2. Login using your authorized username & password
  3. Select gray PROFILE tab from top right corner of the webpage
  4. Scroll to bottom of the PROFILE webpage
  5. Click the red rectangular button “GENERATE CERTIFICATION CARD”
  6. Click the red rectangular button “DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATION CARD”
  7. Your downloaded card will be located in your computer’s download files folder

Duplicate Cards / Replacement Cards: For your convenience, after downloading your certification card from your Lifeguard-Pro.org Profile, a copy of your card will remain in your Lifeguard-Pro.org Profile. You will be able to download additional copies of your card in the event you lose your card or you desire additional copies of your certification card. There is no charge for duplicate or replacement cards!

Two Certification Cards: If you are due two certification cards (example: Lifeguard AND Water Safety Instructor or Lifeguard Instructor AND Water Safety Instructor Trainer), please download your first certification card. Then email us and request your second certification card. We will issue the second certification card and then you can download the second card.



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