Q23: How Do I Request My Certification Card?

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How Do I Request My Certification Card?

Login to Lifeguard-Pro.org & Click PROFILE Tab

Fill In Your PROFILE Information  & Check ISSUE MY CERTIFICATION



Once your have successfully completed your all of your required reading, videos, exams, and Instructor-Led Training, you may request your certification card. 

Before we can issue your certification card, you must perform the following.


(1) Fill In Your PROFILE Information. Login to Lifeguard-Pro.org. Then, select the gray tab PROFILE located at the top of the page.

From within your PROFILE:

  1. Fill in (or verify) the correct spelling of your name as you want it to appear on your certification card;
  2. Fill in your complete postal mailing address that you want to be associated with your certification card(s);
  3. Fill in all requested information in your PROFILE;
  4. Upload and successfully attach acceptable images of all pages of your Certification Request Form (CRF); and,
  5. Verify your course selections checked for you are the same courses for which you are requesting a certification.

After making edits to your PROFILE, you must click SAVE to save your edits.


(2) Check Box ISSUE MY CERTIFICATION. After you have verified that you have correctly provided all of the information required in your PROFILE, login to your PROFILE.

From within your PROFILE:

  1. Go to the section heading labeled REQUEST CERTIFICATION;
  2. Select the checkbox ISSUE MY CERTIFICATION; and,
  3. Then click SAVE.

Lifeguard-Pro will commence verifying all of the information in your PROFILE. If you correctly provided all the required information in your PROFILE, Lifeguard-Pro will promptly issue and post your certification card on your Lifeguard-Pro.org PROFILE webpage. You can download your certification card from your Lifeguard-Pro.org PROFILE webpage. If you need your certification card issued rapidly, just email us or telephone us for assistance. Sometimes we can even issue your certification card over the phone.

Failure to provide complete and correct information in your PROFILE will delay the processing of your certification.

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