Q14: How Will My Certification Card be Delivered to Me? (Students Outside USA)

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How Will My Certification Card be Delivered to Me (Students Outside USA)?

Digital Certification Cards

Delivered via Email or Download


Digital Certification Cards. For prompt worldwide delivery, all Lifeguard-Pro certification cards are now hi-resolution digital images of the traditional plastic certification cards.

The digital certification cards are delivered to the candidate, instructor and/or employer via email or download.

You may save your digital certification card to your computer or phone, forward it to your employer, and/or print to paper -- maximum convenience!

To better protect the public, all Lifeguard-Pro certification cards must be verified in our online Lifeguard-Pro International Verification Database.

Fraud Protection. Lifeguard-Pro provides the highest level of quality assurance in the industry and combats fraud from parties editing the Lifeguard-Pro digital certification cards in their possession. On the front of every Lifeguard-Pro certification card it states that the card must be verified in the online Lifeguard-Pro International Verification Database. The card displays the simple instructions on how to do it.

Lifeguard-Pro requires that all employers, Department of Helath Inspectors, insurance companies, law enforcement, and other interested parties to use the online Lifeguard-Pro International Verification Database to verify the authenticity of the Lifeguard-Pro certification card presented by the cardholder.  Verification is quick and easy. Simply input the cardholder's name and certification number into the database and instantly you can determine the true and correct certification status of that cardholder -- maximum security! 

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