Q6: Do You Offer Classes in My Local Area?

Serving All 50 U.S. States & 46 Countires

Do You Offer Classes in My Local Area?

YES, We Offer Convenient Instructor-Led Training Sessions in Your Local Area!
We Service All 50 U.S. States & 46 countries


Lifeguard-Pro is widely known for offering the world's most convenient and available Lifeguard & Water Safety Instructor certification courses.


Our certification courses are conducted in two easy parts.




The first part of your course will be our online Home-Study Course. This part of the course includes all of your textbooks, videos, written exams, forms, record-keeping, customer service, and certification card.  You can work on your online Home-Study Course from anywhere you have a computer and internet connection.




The second part of your course will be your convenient local Instructor-Led Training Session at the location and date you reserve. That's right you select the location and date!


We conveniently offer local Instructor-Led Training Sessions 12 months a year in all 50 U.S. states & 46 countries around the world -- so wherever you are, we're nearby! 


Obtaining your Lifeguard or WSI Certification has Never Been this Easy!




View our list of Instructor-Led Training locations.




If you have a pool or classroom available to you, just let us know.  Your instructor might be able to train you at your facility!


Lifeguard-Pro - Simply a Better Choice

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