Q11: How Do I Schedule My Instructor-Led Training Class?

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How Do I Schedule My Instructor-Led Training Class?

Buy Online Home-Study Course - THEN - Contact Local Instructor to Schedule

Upon Buying Your Home-Study Course, We Will Email Your Local Instructor's Contact Info

Easy to Schedule
Instructor-Led Training Class

Schedule Directly with Local Instructor. Upon purchasing your online Home-Study Course, Lifeguard-Pro will email to you with the direct contact information for your local instructor.  Contact your local instructor directly to schedule your Instructor-Led Training Class.

Schedule at Any Time.  You may schedule your local Instructor-Led Training Class at the time you purchase your Home-Study Course or at any time after purchasing your Home-Study Course.  Once you and your local instructor agree on a date, time, and location for your local Instructor-Led Class, you should attend that Class.

Select Your Location & Date.  We offer our convenient Instructor-Led Training Classs in all 50 U.S. states and 46 countries around the world -- So, wherever you are, we're nearby!  You can choose the location and date of your Instructor-Led Training Class. Local Instructors will train you -- even if you're the only candidate in the class!

Pay at Start of Instructor-Led Training Class.  When you arrive at your Instructor-Led Training Class, simply pay your local Instructor the Instructor-Led Training fee at the start of your class.  This payment policy ensures that you will never have to pay in the hope of obtaining a convenient Instructor-Led Training Class because you will only pay for the class that YOU selected!

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