Q2: How is Lifeguard-Pro More Convenient?

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How is Lifeguard-Pro More Convenient

Than the Old-Style Certification Company?

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More Convenient.  Lifeguard-Pro is dedicated to reducing the number of deaths by drowning worldwide by making aquatics safety training more available.  As such, we have replaced the industry’s old, outdated, inconvenient style of public safety training.


Lifeguard-Pro offers a far more convenient option!


We offer a comprehensive online Home-Study Course that enables you to learn in the comfort and convenience of your own home, and progress at your own pace.

  • No more spending your time and money commuting to multiple inconvenient classes.
  • No more spending long boring days sitting in a classroom with unmotivated strangers.

Once you've completed your online Home-Study Course, simply join your local instructor for a convenient Instructor-Led Training Session to learn and practice your course required physical skills. It's that easy!


We conveniently service all 50 U.S. states & 46 countries around the world -- so wherever you are, we're nearby! 


Certification has Never Been this Easy!




Lifeguard-Pro - Simply a Better Choice

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