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Modernized & Improved National Lifeguard Certification Agency. The nationally recognized Lifeguard-Pro professional rescue training program has improved upon the old national programs because it:

  • Is based on real life experiences;
  • Incorporates an extensive industry leading university-style home-study course for more effective and thorough learning;
  • Offers more Specialty Lifeguard certification courses;
  • Offers the first ever Youth Camp Specialty Lifeguard certification course to better protect our children;
  • Allows lifesaving rescue training to only be conducted by professional rescuers to ensure the highest quality learning experience;
  • Does not use layperson volunteers as instructors to save money;
  • Promotes smaller class sizes for a better learning experience;
  • Employs a more comprehensive and extensive academic Water Safety Instructor (WSI) and Lifeguard training program for superior rescue training, and provides more knowledge and practice to the students;
  • Provides the industry's first student online database to verify the validity and authenticity of Water Safety Instructor (WSI), Swim Coach Safety Training, Basic Water Safety, and Lifeguard certification cards to reduce the risk of cardholder fraud and forgery, which creates a grave and unacceptable liability to employers;  and,
  • Unlike the old certification agencies, we strictly adhere to all of the American Heart Association international professional rescue training educational quality assurance rules to make sure that every student has been trained to satisfy the standards set forth by the world's undisputed leading source for professional rescue training--American Heart Association.

That is why students, employers, businesses, insurance companies and government agencies are moving away from the old Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certification courses and old  Lifeguard certification courses and choosing the new, modernized, efficient, and exceedingly effective Lifeguard-Pro professional rescue training program.

Join Lifeguard-Pro in our mission to reduce the number of deaths by drowning in America.

Employs Internationally Accepted Rescue Training Procedures.  Lifeguard-Pro is the only national Lifeguard training program to satisfy all AHA internationally approved professional rescue training requirements. Our adherence to approved international professional rescue standards makes our Lifeguard training program the new worldwide standard, and a vast global improvement over yester-year’s basic Lifeguard training programs. That is why governments, employers and Lifeguards around the world choose Lifeguard-Pro as the solution for their aquatic safety needs.

Establishing the New Worldwide Lifeguard Standard

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Nationally Recognized

Lifeguard-Pro is a Nationally & Internationally Recognized safety training certification agency. We provide certification courses for Lifeguarding, Water Safety Instructor, Basic Water Safety, Safety Training for Swim Coaches, CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Oxygen Administrator. We offer services to all 50 U.S. states, over 1,500 American cities, and over 30 countries. We're dedicated to reducing the number of deaths by drowning worldwide.  >>Read More

Join Us in Our Mission of Saving Lives!

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