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Lifeguard-Pro Blog | Lifeguarding Certification Courses & Water Safety Instructor Classes

Intenational Certification Database Online—Instantly Verify Lifeguard & Water Safety Instructor Certifications.  Lifeguard-Pro leads the Lifeguard industry with its leading-edge online international certification verification database. Governments, health departments, employers, and cardholders love that they can, from anywhere in the world, immediately and conveniently verify the status and authenticity of any certification card issued by Lifeguard-Pro. Simply click the Verify Certification link on Lifeguard-Pro.org, input the unique number on the certification card, and instantly verify a cardholder’s name and card expiration date. Our online international certification database reduces the employers’ administrative burden of verifying Lifeguard certifications and Water Safety Instructor certifications, and significantly reduces the employers’ liability from lapsed and fraudulent certification cards. 

Instantly Verify Lifeguarding Certification & Water Safety Instructor Certification

Employs National Lifeguard Training Standards & Procedures.  Our professional Lifeguard training program incorporates the top American Lifeguard training standards and procedures. But, Lifeguard-Pro goes well beyond the minimum national standard. We also teach the most effective and leading-edge Lifeguard training skills and practices to ensure that our Lifeguards are always better prepared to prevent and respond to emergencies. All of our CPR, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens certification courses fully comply with all international AHA Standards and Procedures.

Raising the National Lifeguard Training Standard

Lifeguard-Pro Offers More Advanced Lifeguarding Specialty Rescue Training.  Employers and students alike benefit from advanced Lifeguard specialty training. Lifeguard-Pro offers more Lifeguarding training specialty courses (Swimming Pool, Shallow Pool, Deep Pool, Waterfront, Water Park, and Youth Camp) than any other nationally recognized Lifeguard training program. Lifeguard-Pro’s leading-edge specialty training programs ensure that our Lifeguards are better trained and more capable of preventing and responding to emergencies in the aquatic environment in which they work.

Make Your Commitment to Superior Lifeguard Training

Lifeguard-Pro Dedicated to The Mission of Saving Lives.  Lifeguard-Pro is dedicated to reducing the number of deaths by drowning in America. Our Lifeguards have been responsible for protecting and saving countless lives. By training professional Lifeguards in accordance with all national Lifeguard standards and procedures, complying with all AHA international professional rescue training requirements, and offering more Lifeguard advance specialty training courses than any other nationally recognized Lifeguard training program, Lifeguard-Pro is reducing the number of deaths by drowning in America, and making our water safer for the public. Become a Lifeguard-Pro professional Lifeguard.

Join Us in Our Mission of Saving Lives

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