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International Lifeguard Training & Certification Agency Enhances Worldwide Standard in Lifeguarding.  Lifeguard-Pro is widely respected as the “International Leader in Water Safety & Rescue”.  It undoubtedly raises the industry standard of Lifeguard training. It teaches the first University-Style Home-Study Program; incorporates the worldwide leading American Heart Association CPR & First Aid certification programs; continually updates and enhances its program based on HANDS-ON & REAL LIFE rescue and risk management experiences; employs higher instructor-to-student ratios; practices the only universally accepted rescue training protocol; created the first international online certification verification database to eliminate certification fraud, forgery, and lapses; enforces more comprehensive and demanding student academic requirements to ensure better trained Lifeguards; includes liability release waivers built-in to the program to better protect employers, management, aquatic facilities, and Lifeguard instructors; and, much, much more!

International Lifeguard Training & Certification Agency

Nationally Recognized Lifeguard Training Program. Lifeguard-Pro is a long established, nationally recognized, professional rescue training agency. It is a leader in the Lifeguard training industry. Its national Lifeguard training and certification program has been developed from years and years of real life, professional rescue experience in and around the water.

Preferred by Employers & Lifeguards Nationwide

Lifeguard-Pro Provides More Lifeguard Job Opportunities.  Lifeguard-Pro creates more job opportunities for Lifeguards by offering more Lifeguard advanced specialty training courses than any other nationally recognized Lifeguard training program. Our Lifeguard certification courses include: Swimming Pool, Shallow Pool, Deep Pool, Waterfront, Water Park, and Youth Camp. By receiving Lifeguard advanced specialty training, a Lifeguard is better qualified for jobs than other Lifeguards with only basic Lifeguard training. Most employers require advanced specialty training, and all employers favor the best trained Lifeguard candidate. Expand your job opportunities and enroll in your Lifeguard advanced specialty training course today.

Specialty Training Means More Job Opportunities

National Certification Database Online—Verify Card Status & Authenticity.  Lifeguard-Pro leads the Lifeguard industry with the first and only online national certification verification database. Governments, health departments, employers, and cardholders love that they can, from anywhere in the world, immediately and conveniently verify the status and authenticity of any certification card issued by Lifeguard-Pro. Simply click VERIFY, enter in the unique number on the certification card, and instantly verify a cardholder’s name and card expiration date. Our online national certification database eliminates the employers’ administrative burden of verifying Lifeguard certifications, and significantly reduces the employers’ liability from lapsed and fraudulent certification cards. 

America’s Favorite Choice in Lifeguard Certification

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Nationally Recognized

Lifeguard-Pro is a nationally and internationally recognized lifeguard & water safety instructor certification agency dedicated to reducing the number of deaths by drowning worldwide. Lifeguard-Pro services all 50 U.S. states, over 1,500 American cities, and over 30 countries around the world. Lifeguard-Pro is recognized as a world leader in water safety & rescue.  Our lifeguarding courses and water safety instructor certifications are accepted by U.S. states across the nation and countries around the world.  >>Read More

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