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Lifeguard Certification Agency offers Lifeguarding Course for Deep Water Pools (Diving Wells with Max Depth 20 ft.).  Lifeguard-Pro created the first Specialty Lifeguarding course for Deep Water Pools (i.e., diving wells and pools with depth greater than 12 ft.). Lifeguard-Pro identified the unique and extreme risk created by Deep Water Pools, and that no existing Lifeguard training courses specifically certified Lifeguards to safely supervise these types of pools. As a result, patrons of Deep Pools were exposed to unnecessary hazards, and aquatic facilities with Deep Pools were exposed to extreme legal liability. Lifeguard-Pro has solved the hazard of operating Deep Water Pools! That is why univerisites, colleges, high schools, swim schools, and operators of competition swimming pools with diving wells frequently choose Lifeguard-Pro to train their Lifeguarding staff.


Lifeguard Certification Agency  |  Lifeguarding Course for Deep Water Pools (Diving Wells)

Lifeguard Instructor Certification Permits You to Train Specialty Lifeguarding Courses.  When you become a Lifeguard Instructor for Lifeguard-Pro, you can train more Specialty lifeguard training courses than with the other lifeguarding training company. Advanced specialty training simply means better training; and, results in Lifeguards that are more likely to be able to prevent and respond to real-life emergencies. Better trained Lifeguards means fewer accidents, fewer drownings, and fewer lawsuits. Our Lifeguard Instructors can teach all of the following Lifeguard certification courses: Lifeguard - Shallow Pool (max depth 5 ft.), Lifeguard - Swimming Pool (max depth 12 ft.), Lifeguard - Deep Pool (max depth 20 ft.), Lifeguard - Water Park, Lifeguard - Waterfront, and Lifeguard - Youth Camp. 


Become a Lifeguard Instructor  |   More Training Options for Lifeguarding Instructors

Lifeguard Instructor Certification Courses | Become a Lifeguarding Instructor.  Lifeguard-Pro instructors utilize the most advanced teaching methods to GUARANTEE the highest quality academic experience for every student. The Student Manual does NOT include photos to prevent students from skimming the vital textbook content. The Student Exams require students to respond to approximately 1-2 questions per page to prevent students from skimming only the most important academic material. Their academic standards require students to complete all exam questions with a 90% or higher correct score BEFORE students are allowed to attend any in-person training. So, when a student attends in-person training, we GUARANTEE that the student has actually READ and UNDERSTOOD all of the necessary information to properly safeguard patrons and minimize the liability to the employer. We make being a Lifeguard Instructor easy. The job of a Lifeguarding Instructor has never been easier than with the new Lifeguard-Pro  University-Style Home-Study program.


Become a Lifeguard Instructor  |   Lifeguarding Instructor Certification Courses

Lifeguard Training Agency | Enhancing the International Lifeguarding Standard.  Lifeguard-Pro ensures the finest education for every student by employing a more comprehensive University-Style Home-Study Course with a more demanding academic requirement. It enforces the American Heart Association international teaching standards for all of its certification courses, which meets or exceeds the teaching standards used by all major International Lifeguard Certification Agencies. Unlike some of the other major Lifeguard training agencies, Lifeguard-Pro does NOT permit its certification courses to be taught by volunteers. Lifeguard-Pro firmly believes volunteers should not be used to save money at the expense of saving lives.

Lifeguard Training Agency is Enhancing the International Lifeguarding Standard

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