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International Lifeguard Certification Agency. Lifeguard-Pro is a long established, highly respected, internationally recognized, professional rescue training agency. It is a leader in the Lifeguard training industry. Its international Lifeguard training and certification courses have been developed from over 30 years of real-life, hands-on, professional rescue experience in and around the water. Join our proud international family of Lifeguard Instructors, AHA CPR Instructors, AHA First Aid Instructors, and Water Safety Instructor Trainers pursuing the Lifeguard-Pro  mission of reducing the number of deaths by drowning. Use your own rescue skills to pursue the noble mission of saving lives.

Preferred by Government Agencies, Employers, Insurance Companies & Lifeguards Around The World


Lifeguard Instructors Are Leaving the Old & Out-Dated Programs. Lifeguard Instructors around the globe are abandoning the old and outdated Lifeguard training certification programs, such as the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Program, and YMCA Lifeguard Training Program. Those programs are bogged down with bureaucratic obstacles, administrative delays, jurisdictional restrictions, excessive costs of books and teaching supplies, and much more.

Lifeguard Instructors Choose the Innovative Lifeguard-Pro Training Program. Lifeguard Instructors commonly site the following reasons as to why they love teaching the Lifeguard-Pro Lifeguard certification program more than any other Lifeguard training certification program.

(1) WORLDWIDE JURISDICTION. Lifeguard-Pro Instructors can conduct Lifeguard training courses around the world--not just in their local jurisdiction.

(2) LOWER CERTIFICATION COST. The cost of books, teaching materials and certification cards is MUCH less than with the other less modernized national Lifeguard certification programs.

(3) ONLINE ACDEMIC TRAINING. Lifeguard-Pro conducts all the Lifeguard candidate online testing BEFORE the candidate is allowed to attend in-person training with the Lifeguard Instructor. Lifeguard Instructors don't have to administer time consuming paperwork. Lifeguard Instructors don't have to teach to unprepared and uninformed students anymore. That means Lifeguard Instructors can focus on teaching shorter, high impact, and high quality in-person training sessions.

(4) SHORT IN-PERSON TRAINING CLASSES. Because all candidates must have successfully completed the online academic training prior to attending in-person training with a Lifeguard Instructor, Lifeguard Instructors can teach shorter, high impact, and high quality  in-person training classes that focus only on teaching physical Lifeguard skills.

(5) LESS PAPERWORK. Issuing a Lifeguard candidate a certification card is now so much easier than ever before. To issue a Lifeguard certification card the Lifeguard Instructor need only conduct the in-person training and then sign the candidate's Lifeguard Certification Request Form. That's it! Lifeguard-Pro does the rest!

(6) LIFEGUARD-PRO SENDS YOU STUDENTS. When candidates inquire with Lifeguard-Pro about where they can take an in-person Lifeguard training class, we referring the students in your area directly to you!

(7) STUDENTS PAY INSTRUCTORS DIRECTLY. Lifeguard-Pro refers students in your area directly to you for in-person training; and, the students pay you directly BEFORE you ever begin their in-person Lifeguard training class.

(8) ONLINE LIFEGUARD VERIFICATION DATABASE. Lifeguard Instructors can rest assured that their students have been timely issued certification cards by verifying the issuance and validity of every student's Lifeguard certification instantly online.

(9) LIFEGUARD CANDIDATES PREFER LIFEGUARD-PRO. More and more students choose the Lifeguard-Pro Lifeguard certification course over the Lifeguard training programs of yester-year because of the convenience of the Lifeguard-Pro University-Style Home-Study Course, fewer in-person training classes, immediate Temporary Certification, online certification verification, and much, much more! As a Lifeguard Instructor, it is easier to promote your Lifeguard certification classes to your students, when your course is as student-friendly and convenient as the Lifeguard-Pro program.  

(10) GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, EMPLOYERS, INSURANCE COMPANIES PREFER LIFEGUARD-PRO. Lifeguard-Pro has the strongest quality assurance program in the entire Lifeguard training industry. It requires a more in-depth demonstration of lifeguarding knowledge, more comprehensive Lifeguard academic program, and annual renew of all Lifeguard certification knowledge and skills. Lifeguard-Pro better prevents accidents and injuries at aquatic facilities by better training Lifeguards and requiring Lifeguards to stay current with their lifeguarding knowledge and skills. That is why Government Agencies, Employers and Insurance Companies prefer Lifeguard-Pro--the safer choice. As a Lifeguard Instructor, it is easier to promote your Lifeguard certification classes to your corporate and commercial clients because they always prefer the safer program that will better prevent accidents, injuries and lawsuits.

Lifeguard Instructors Prefer to Teach the Lifeguard-Pro Program


Lifeguard-Pro | Become a Lifeguard Instructor


Why Lifeguard-Pro is Praised as an International Leader. The internationally recognized Lifeguard-Pro professional rescue training program has improved upon and is now superior to old national Lifeguard training certification programs because it:

  • Is based on over 30 years of real life professional rescue experience;
  • Incorporates the industry's first online University-Style Home-Study course for more effective, thorough and convenient learning;
  • Offers more Specialty Lifeguard certification courses;
  • Offers the first ever Youth Camp Specialty Lifeguard certification course to better protect our children;
  • Allows lifesaving rescue training to only be conducted by professional rescuers to ensure the highest quality learning experience;
  • Does not use layperson volunteers as instructors to save money;
  • Is the only Lifeguard training certification agency in the world to comply with the American Heart Association international teaching standards for professional rescuers by restricting rescue training to smaller class sizes for a better learning experience;
  • Employs a more comprehensive and extensive academic Water Safety Instructor (WSI) and Lifeguard training program for superior rescue training, and extends the duration of the old national Lifeguard certification courses and Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certification courses to provide more knowledge and practice to the students;
  • Provides the industry's first student online database to verify the validity and authenticity of Water Safety Instructor (WSI), Swim Coach Safety Training, and Lifeguard certification cards to reduce the risk of cardholder fraud and forgery, which creates a grave and unacceptable liability to employers;  and,
  • Unlike the old national certification agencies, we strictly adhere to all of the American Heart Association international professional rescue training educational quality assurance rules to make sure that every student has been trained to satisfy the standards set forth by the world's undisputed leading source for professional rescue training--American Heart Association.

That is why students, employers, businesses, insurance companies and government agencies are moving away from the old Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certification courses and old  Lifeguard certification courses and choosing the new, modernized, efficient, and exceedingly effective Lifeguard-Pro professional rescue training program.

To become a professional Lifeguard-Pro Lifeguard Instructor, simply visit our website: Lifeguard-Pro.org or call 954-607-2282.

Join Lifeguard-Pro in Our mission to Reduce the Number of Deaths by Drowning in America


Nationally Recognized

Lifeguard-Pro is a nationally and internationally recognized lifeguard & water safety instructor certification agency dedicated to reducing the number of deaths by drowning worldwide. Lifeguard-Pro services all 50 U.S. states, over 1,500 American cities, and over 30 countries around the world. Lifeguard-Pro is recognized as a world leader in water safety & rescue.  Our lifeguarding courses and water safety instructor certifications are accepted by U.S. states across the nation and countries around the world.  >>Read More

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