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National Lifeguard Certification Agency offers Online Lifeguarding Certification Courses

National Lifeguard Certification Agency.  Lifeguard-Pro is a Nationally Recognized Lifeguard Training Certification Agency. Our Lifeguard certification courses, Water Safety Instructor courses, Basic Water Safety, and Swim Coach Safety Training courses have been developed from over 30 years of REAL-LIFE and HANDS-ON rescue training. Our industry-leading Lifeguard certification courses incorporate all of the top American Lifeguard standards and procedures. But, Lifeguard-Pro goes well beyond the minimum national standards.

Lifeguard-Pro is Nationally Recognized and Internationally Accepted for its training quality. Lifeguard-Pro has helps improve both national and international Lifeguard standards and procedures, and contributes to the advancement of the entire Lifeguard training industry with innovative contributions, such as university-style home-study courses, 5 Specialty Lifeguard certification courses, waterproof certification cards, unique certification card numbers, international online certification verification database, more comprehensive academic certification course requirements, annual Lifeguard Re-certification, Lifeguard Oath of Responsibility, and mandatory in-service training requirement. Consequently, Lifeguard-Pro has for years taught the most effective and leading-edge Lifeguard skills and practices to ensure that Lifeguards are better prepared to prevent and respond to emergencies.

Lifeguard-Pro Saves Lives

National Lifeguard Certification Agency offers Online Lifeguard Certification Course. Lifeguard-Pro is the first Internationally Recognized Lifeguard Certification Agency to offer a complete online Lifeguard certification Home-Study Course.  That's right! Complete your University-Style Home-Study Course online, and then, all you have to do is attend a ONE-DAY in-person training class to learn and demonstrate your physical Lifeguard skills. Our University-Style Home-Study Course is based on the American Heart Association blended course, which allows students to complete all academic requirements for certification online. This process guarantees the highest quality learning experience for all students, and makes obtaining your certification more convenient than ever before! Again, Lifeguard-Pro has raised the standard of Lifeguard training in America and around the globe.

Online Lifeguard Certification Course

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