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Lifeguard Certification Agency offers Youth Camp Lifeguarding Course

Lifeguard Certification Agency offers Youth Camp Lifeguarding Course.  Lifeguard-Pro created the first Specialty Lifeguarding course for Youth Camps, where Lifeguards are responsible for safeguarding high numbers of children simultaneously involved in a multitude of activities. This swimming environment created an extreme hazard to children and an unacceptable legal risk to aquatic facility operators. The Lifeguard-Pro Specialty Lifeguard course for Youth Camps has solved both of these problems!

Lifeguard-Pro contends the old, outdated style of lifeguarding courses do not adequately train Lifeguards to safeguard children at youth camp aquatic facilities. The Youth Camp aquatic environment requires special and advanced training. To better reduce the risk of accidents, deaths by drowning, and unnecessary lawsuits, Youth Camp Directors are choosing the Lifeguard-Pro Youth Camp Specialty Lifeguard Course. Isn't it time that you learned more about it? 


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