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Lifeguard Instructor Certification Courses | Lifeguarding Instructor Classes

Lifeguard Instructor Certification Courses | Become a Lifeguarding Instructor.  Lifeguard-Pro instructors utilize the most advanced teaching methods to GUARANTEE the highest quality academic experience for every student. The Student Manual does NOT include photos to prevent students from skimming the vital textbook content. The Student Exams require students to respond to approximately 1-2 questions per page to prevent students from skimming only the most important academic material. Their academic standards require students to complete all exam questions with a 90% or higher correct score BEFORE students are allowed to attend any in-person training. So, when a student attends in-person training, we GUARANTEE that the student has actually READ and UNDERSTOOD all of the necessary information to properly safeguard patrons and minimize the liability to the employer. We make being a Lifeguard Instructor easy. The job of a Lifeguarding Instructor has never been easier than with the new Lifeguard-Pro  University-Style Home-Study program.


Become a Lifeguard Instructor  |   Lifeguarding Instructor Certification Courses

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